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20160521 - Updated the Solido collection page with new pictures
20160212 - Updated the Playme collection page with new pictures
20160202 - Added Solido collection page
20160130 - Added Polistil collection page
20160130 - Added Playme collection page
20160126 - Added diecast tanks comparison pages for Solido / Verem Polistil / Playme 1/50 scale tanks
20150531 - Added 916 GTV / Spider workshop manuals


Welcome to my homepage. On this page you can find two things:

The Alfa Romeo pages are easily explained: I like Alfa's and go through great lengths to own and drive one or more Alfa Romeo's at any moment in time. :-)

The diecast tank pages are not so obvious: I had to create them because for some diecast tank models it is really difficult to find information on the internet. There are only a few pages that document Polistil tanks and there are no pages on anywhere, except here, that have photos of all the Playme diecast tanks. So via these pages I would to document that these diecast models existed and what the tanks and the packaging looked like.

From left to right:
Polistil CA103 Konigstiger, Playme 601 Konigstiger, Solido 222 Tiger I, Solido 236 Panther G:
Polistil Tiger II / Playme Tiger II / Solido Tiger I / Solido Panther G