Solido / Verem / Sandford models tank museum

Solido is the biggest brand that made/makes 1/50 scale diecast tank models. This page has detailed photo sets of many of these models. Solido model tanks are easy to find on Ebay and other auction sites. The diecast tank models have, over time, also been sold under different sub-brand names, mainly:
  • the Verem brand between 1993 and 2006
  • the Hachette brand between 2001 and 2006

  • Others have made upgrades for the diecast models that could be bought fully assembled or in kit form:
  • a limited number of models have been made by Stretton / Sandford Models under the name Tank Museum
  • the French manufacturer Gaso.Line has made kits to rebuild & upgrade Solido tanks

  • The definitive Solido military range reference guide:
    Another great site with diecast tank references:
    More Solido and Verem pictures can be found here (via the Web Archive because the original site is offline): Mike's Tanks Solido page

    There is a japanese collector that has a very large collection of diecast tank pictures on his site from many different brands:
    Tank Museum


    Solido 202 M47 Patton:
    Solido M47 Patton left front view

    Solido 222 Tiger I:
    four Solido Tiger I's left front view

    Solido 237 Panzer IV:
    Solido Panzer IV left front view

    Solido 236 Panther G:
    group of 4 Solido Panther G tanks left front view