Solido 202 M47 Patton:

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The M47 Patton has to be the 1st on this page. This tank was first made by Solido in 1961 and at the time is was the absolute top in diecast models. Nobody had ever seen these detailed die-cast track links. Solido was unique in the fact that they had the technology to make these complicated dies for each individual track link. Solido sold over one million of these M47 Patton tanks.
This web forum has details on how the Solido diecast tracks were made. In case the web forum will not load, click here for a screenshot of the contents.
Solido M47 Patton right front view Solido M47 Patton right rear view
Solido M47 Patton left front view Solido M47 Patton left rear view